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Opinion roundup: Pensions; unemployed


Sing along! It’s Friday, Friday … Here’s a look at today’s Opinions, as we look forward to the weekend

Today, the Editorial Board addresses Gov. Cuomo’s push for a Tier VI pension. An editorial states:

The public-employee pension reforms unveiled by Gov. Andrew Cuomo this week are neither game-changing nor revolutionary; what they are is practical and necessary. They would mean significant cost savings to taxpayers and serve as a prescription to the real-world malady afflicting so many private-sector employees: benefits envy. Lawmakers owe it to exhausted taxpayers to move on the proposals before the legislative session ends June 20.

In a letter to the editor, Camp Venture president and Rockland County Legislator John Murphy, R-Orangeburg, addresses recent reports of mistreatment of individuals who reside in upstate group homes that are overseen by the state. Venture is a nonprofit that provides care and services to children and adults with developmental disabilities. Murphy writes:

Good care comes from good people; the best way to ensure the well-being of our most vulnerable citizens is to promote the recruitment and retention of workers who have proven their merit. Caring is a sacred trust that must be supported.

Here’s some Opinionating from around the region and nation:

USAToday tackles a concerning trend, companies seeking to hire only those who already have jobs, even though unemployment drags on for many. The editorial, “Telling the jobless not to apply is plain dopey,” mentions legislation in New York that would bar discrimination against the unemployed. The legislation is sponsored by state Sen. Andrea Stewart-Cousins, D-Yonkers. USAToday‘s editorial states:

… Businesses across the USA are warning in their want ads that the jobless need not apply. … Up-to-the-minute skills could be an asset. But knowledge isn’t lost overnight. To exclude everyone without a job when nearly 14 million people are unemployed — and 427,000 filed new claims for jobless benefits last week — is just plain dumb.

In an opposing view, “Let business hire whoever it wants,” New Jersey state Assemblyman Michael Patrick Carroll, a Republican, calls his state’s proposed legislation to disallow the practice of declining to hire the unemployed “feel-good legislation” that’s a “silly law.” Carroll writes:

Although the practice seems silly, not every stupid business policy warrants a lawsuit. And that’s precisely what a statute produces: employment opportunities for attorneys. If a business believes its interests lie in hiring only those already employed, that should be its choice. Besides, as soon as it hires someone who already has a job, that, by definition, opens up another position.

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